How to save on daily purchases

An average family living in a big city spends on average 20,000 – 30,000 rubles a month on food. The peculiarity of edible purchases is that it is very easy to lose composure and spend a lot of extra money. And if you do not pay attention to this, then your finances can get out of control. What can adversely affect your household money.

Familiarize yourself with common mistakes that are common in such cases and learn how to save on purchases.

Shopping in one store only

Shopping in one store only

Very bad idea! If you buy everything in one store, you are likely to pay more than you could by buying products in different places.

You can save more than 30% by simply changing your diet. Go around all the shops available to you and check out the prices. Do this periodically because the prices of the same products may change from time to time.

Yes, you, most likely, will spend a lot of your precious time on this, but then comparing these costs with the amount of savings, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Go to the store without a list


You should always go to the store with a list of purchases that need to be purchased, acting according to plan, you will save money on impulse purchases. Of course, if you act according to the list you have prepared in advance. This is the most important point for those who are thinking how to save money on purchases.

Pay by card

Paying a credit card, people often do not pay attention to how much money they give at the checkout. Form a budget for products for the whole month or from pay to salary, put cash in a safe place and, after going to the store, take a certain amount. It is usually more difficult to part with physical money than with numbers on the tap of a telephone or computer. From here, a more careful attitude to finances and, accordingly, more precise control should follow.

Buy only branded products

Buy only branded products

Many of us are accustomed to trusting a certain brand that has shown itself from a good side and, it seems like there is no point in changing it to something else. At the time, as on the shelves of the store may be less well-known instances of not inferior quality. Try testing other manufacturers.

Do not buy products for special offers

This is not about the fact that you need to throw in the basket all products for which the action is valid. And the fact that if these purchases are on your list, then they need to be taken. If you know for sure that your family, for example, eats meat well and the price is now lowered at the store, buy it at once in large quantities and freeze what you don’t eat in the near future.

Do not look around

Have you ever wondered how the shelves are located in the store? Most likely, yes, and you know that they differ from each other in the categories of goods that are located on them. But do you always pay attention to how exactly the products and other future purchases lie on the shelves of these racks? On them, valiant merchandisers like to put on the shelves lower bright and beautiful packaging that children like on the shelves that are at the level of your eyes the most expensive purchases, and at the very bottom or at the very top the cheapest options.

Do not be lazy to see all the offers, it happens that you choose cereals, for example, is cheaper than the other, but it will have a smaller packaging.

Often buy convenience foods

Yes, it is convenient and, again, can save some time. But, if you are thinking about how to save money on purchases, then remember that it will always be more expensive to buy ready-made products in the store or semi-finished products than to buy the necessary ingredients and cook yourself. This also applies to pre-packaged products. It is best to always weigh fruits and vegetables yourself.

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