Instantaneous payday without verification how financial institutions check clients

Non-bank loans are distinguished by simplified lending procedures and minimum requirements for clients. Thanks to this, such offers can be used by people who have no chance of a loan in a bank or have debt on their account. Instant check-up without verification is quick and simple, but is it safe? When submitting an online application, a non-banking company cannot verify the borrower in person, which is why he verifies the data using other methods that prevent unauthorized persons from taking out the loan.


Verification by bank transfer

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People who apply for a loan most often come across a verification method that involves paying a symbolic payment to the lender’s account. This is the easiest way to check if the customer submitting the application is also the owner of the bank account to which the cash will be transferred and which will be charged the repayment of the loan. Verification by bank transfer can be a problem if your account’s debit prevents it from finalizing. In this way, many clients would be excluded from financial support, which is why new payday loans offer different verification methods. The special Kontomatik application checks the correctness of data using electronic banking. All you have to do is log in to the bank’s website to confirm the data, then verification of 1 penny is no longer required.


Phone verification

Phone verification

Although online loans are currently the most popular, some offers can be taken over the phone. Usually, this option is used by older people who are not computer literate or customers preferring traditional forms of contact. Phone verification involves talking to a consultant who will check the details and ask for the loan details. This method does not require additional verification of the bank account , but not all companies use this form of checking clients. The advantage of telephone contact is that regardless of whether you live in Szczecin, Wrocław, Poznań or Gdańsk, you can take advantage of the offers of companies from all over the country.


Verification in databases

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The biggest obstacle to getting a loan is unpaid debt. The standard procedure at the bank is checking the credit history , based on which the decision to grant the loan is issued. Untimely repayment is a reason for refusal, however, the latest payday loans are slightly more gentle on clients’ financial standing . Verification in databases is both a security for a loan company and a client. A person applying for a high amount who has additional repayment obligations on their account can easily fall into a spiral of debt. In this situation, companies propose lower payday loans with the possibility of spreading them into installments so that they do not constitute a drastic burden on the household budget. It is worth remembering that BIK also has positive information that can help in obtaining a larger loan amount and improve creditworthiness. For this reason, customers without an entry in the BIK who have no credit history may also be unreliable, as it is difficult to verify their financial capabilities.


Online payday loan without verification – who is the best solution for?

Online payday loan without verification - who is the best solution for?

Customer verification is necessary to prevent you from taking out a loan for your data. To facilitate customers, non-bank companies offer various verification methods that are most convenient for the borrower. Offers without checking the databases are the best solution for those in debt and those who do not have a credit history yet. However, you must remember to take out loan amounts that will be able to be repaid on time. The instant payday loan without verification is easily available, which can lead to a spiral of indebtedness in the event of unreasonably incurring additional payday loans when you have not yet settled your previous liability.

Why is it worth comparing installment loans online?

Installment loans are an ideal solution for people who need cash for a larger expense but do not have the creditworthiness to take out a cash loan in a bank. The most frequently available offers are from 3 to 5 thousand. USD, but you can also find installment loans of 10 or 20 thousand. spread over even 36 months. People interested in such a financial product should carefully compare the offers available on the market, because the conditions proposed by individual companies differ significantly.


What is worth knowing about installment loans?

What is worth knowing about installment loans?

Installment loans are available in non-bank companies’ offers. They are much higher than payday loans, and lenders grant them on slightly different terms. While most quick loans can be taken for 14-30 days and their amount ranges from $ 100 to 1500 (sometimes slightly higher payday loans are available), installment loans are usually granted for 12-24 months (higher are also available) loans for 3 years).

Payday loans should be repaid in one installment – on the date specified in the contract. The installer will attach the installment repayment schedule (same as banks) to installment loans. Most often they are monthly, equal installments. Some companies also offer installment loans with decreasing installments. In the case of larger sums, they are more beneficial because the lender charges interest on the outstanding sum, which with decreasing installments generates savings on the total cost of the loan.


Why is it worth comparing installment loans online?

Why is it worth comparing installment loans online?

Installment loans can be taken online. The procedure here is similar to online payday loans – the customer is verified on the basis of a test transfer from their own bank account (the data is verified by the bank beforehand).

A useful tool for people who are looking for a favorable online installment loan are special comparison websites. Such tools are available free of charge on the Internet. The lists gather current offers available on the market (website owners care about tracking new products and favorable promotions).

The ranking allows you to quickly compare loans offered by various companies in terms of:

  • maximum loan amount
  • repayment period (number of installments)
  • interest rates
  • installment repayment method (equal or decreasing installments)
  • additional fees (commission, margin and other handling fees charged by the lender)
  • installment deferment options
  • contractual penalties for exceeding the repayment deadline

All these fees make up the total credit cost, so it’s worth comparing them carefully. This will allow you to choose the cheapest installment loan for yourself without leaving your home.

Submit a loan application without leaving your home

In comparison websites you can usually also find additional information about the requirements of loan companies (income certificates, income level, age of the borrower, loan collateral, documents needed for the contract).